We are an Interior Design Studio with a strong focus on Hospitality projects. We like to design Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Wellness Spas and other relaxing environments.

We make surroundings for total emersion.


Helge Docters van Leeuwen     Interior designer / Partner

Vahid Kiumarsi                           Interior architect / Partner

Caroline Holtgrefe                      Interior designer

Yvonne Brant                               Interior designer


We explore the context of the interior environment to define clear goals to what we like the guest to experience. We mix existing furniture with new items and orchestrate a complete concept. Trying out new things and exploring possibilities.

Well, designing is great, but building it is even better. Having done this for quite a while, we know what is easy and what is hard to build. We also know what it would cost and when it can be ready.

We support our clients in this phase where a lot of decisions need to be made.



Marilia Bayak                               Interior Designer

Claudia Fontana                          Intern

Daan Geldhof                               Intern

Ceyda Koc                                     Intern